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What is Smile Lock™?

Smile Lock™ is our treatment approach based on a patented technique called All-on-4™ where we use deAll-on-4_tcm261-30649[1]ntal implants to permanently replace your teeth in one day. Unlike conventional dentures, with Smile Lock™ we are able to create for you a new smile that will immediately support mild chewing forces when you leave our office that day. The final prosthesis will be fabricated with a hidden titanium support bar for strength, stability and security. Nothing could be more embarrassing than a loose denture in a social or professional setting. With Smile Lock™, that problem is permanently eliminated without having to wait for several months.

Why Smile Lock™?

Time and time again, people have contacted our office in hopes of a new solution to get rid of their existing, poorly fitting dentures. Routine dentures sometimes create a "whistle" during speech, or make eating foods difficult. Some patients have no idea about the Smile Lock option, and unfortunately, live their lives not knowing that they can easily return to a fully functional set of teeth without the need for messy denture adhesives. Sometimes we see patients that need to have their teeth removed due to severe periodontal disease, genetic factors, or just simply bad luck. Fortunately, those patients don't have to dwell on coping with the teeth they have but rather, they have the ability to transform their smiles overnight and get a second chance!

Advantages of Smile Lock™:

  • Your teeth look real and resilient!
  • New self confidence
  • The ability to chew your favorite foods
  • Teeth are locked in and only removed at your dentist office if needed
  • No embarrassment of loose dentures in a social or professional setting
  • Easy to clean just like your natural teeth
  • Natural, young looking appearance
  • Preservation of your supporting jaw bones
  • No more bulky dentures covering the roof of your mouth
  • No more "whistling" or lisping during speech




Disadvantages of traditional dentures:

  • An unnatural appearance
  • Low self-esteem
  • Embarrassment
  • Loose fitting
  • Irritation of the soft tissues (cheeks, lips, tongue, gums)
  • Messy denture adhesives
  • Routine removal for cleaning

So How Do We Get Moving?

Your first visit to our office will  be a consultation with Dr. Carney who will give you a thorough examination and utilize 3-D imaging to determine if you are a candidate for Smile Lock™. Dr. Carney's staff will provide you with all the information you need to make your decision to transform your life and give you that new confidence you've been looking for. We will gladly work with your existing dentist in a team approach to give you that secure smile you've been waiting for. If you don't have a dentist, Dr. Carney will utilize his team of restorative experts that are standing by for you. When you are ready, you will come to our office in the morning and leave that afternoon with your new, resilient smile. Our Smile Lock™ approach will change your life, restoring your personal and professional confidence... literally overnight!



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