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    The ultimate goal of pre-prosthetic surgery is to remove teeth and prepare the jaw bones of the mouth to receive a dental prosthesis by redesigning and smoothening bony edges.

    Pre-prosthetic surgery is that part of dental surgery which restores oral function and facial form. This is concerned with modification of the supporting jaw bones and the surrounding structures to enable the fabrication of a well-fitting, comfortable, and esthetic dental prosthesis.

    Pre-prosthetic surgery is an integral part of dental surgery and prosthodontics. It comprises both basic procedures and sophisticated techniques of reconstruction and rehabilitation of oral cavity. The treatment planning, therefore, should involve coordination between the prosthodontist and your periodontal surgeon. As the goal of the prosthetic appliance construction is to improve functions and esthetics, the requirements to achieve these goals should be discussed by the team members.

    What is pre-prosthetic surgery?

    A prosthesis is a replacement for a missing body part, such as a tooth. Pre-prosthetic surgery is the preparation of the soft and bony structures in the mouth for dentures, or replacement teeth.

    What are the complications of pre-prosthetic surgery?

    Risks and potential complications

    Excessive bleeding. Bone necrosis. Unwanted tissue growth. Bone reabsorption (in the case of ridge augmentation)

    What is pre-prosthetic surgery of the soft and bone tissues?

    Pre-prosthetic surgery encompasses surgical procedures with the aim of redefining the soft or hard tissues or both by the accomplishment of relieving the biological interferences so that the individual can accept a comfortable prosthesis.

    What is pre-prosthetic mouth preparation?

    Prosthetic mouth preparation forms phase V of partial denture treatment. In this phase the oral structures are prepared to favor the placement of a denture. Remember, pre-prosthetic mouth preparation is done to prepare unwanted oral structures that interfere with the placement of a prosthesis.

    Why is there a need for pre-prosthetic surgery?

    The aim of pre-prosthetic surgery is to prepare the soft and hard tissues of the jaws for a comfortable prosthesis that will restore oral function, aesthetics, and facial form. The objectives of pre-prosthetic surgery are to help to: restore function of the jaws (mastication of food, speech, and swallowing).