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At ProSoft Implantology & Periodontics PLLC – The Office of Dr. Chris Carney, we recognize that our patients can have a real fear and anxiety of surgical dental procedures. Dr. Carney has the training and experience to discuss the right option for you.

Whether you need teeth removed, periodontal surgery, dental implants, or just a deep cleaning, Dr. Carney will offer the option IV sedation to make your visit to our office pleasant and comfortable. Many of our patients are so comfortable that we have to wake them up at the end of their appointment.

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    What is IV Sedation?

    IV Sedation is an IV (Intravenous) type of anesthesia that relaxes a patient and helps them drift off to sleep before the surgery begins. Unlike General Anesthesia (as you might experience in a hospital), IV sedation is a “conscious sedation” meaning that you are relaxed, comfortable, and asleep through the duration of the procedure, but you can respond to commands and you are breathing on your own. Most people have absolutely no memory of the procedure. Dr. Carney likes to compare this to when you fall asleep watching TV late at night… minute you’re watching a movie, then you “blink” and the movie is over not realizing 2 hours has passed. It’s the same idea with conscious sedation…..we get comfortable and sleepy, and before you know it, the procedure is over.

    Some benefits of IV Sedation method:

    • The effect enters directly into the bloodstream
    • It is stronger than oral sedation (a pill) or nitrous oxide.
    • A patient can sleep through the appointment even in complex operations while staying semi-awake.
    • If you find you are waking up from the procedure, we can continuously administer a little more medication to help you go back to sleep.
    • With IV sedation we titrate the drugs to effect which better tailors the amount of sedative used that is specific to each patient
    • It is a VERY safe form of sedation as we monitor your heart rate, breathing, pulse oximetry, and respirations on a hospital grade automated monitor.

    To learn more about what might be best for your particular situation, our team at ProSoft Implantology & Periodontics PLLC – The Office of Dr. Chris Carney, in Mansfield is here to help. Call us at (817) 435-0010 to learn more.